Thursday, May 5, 2016

How To Post Your Tweets To Linked-In

Tweet To Link-In
Twitter has many problems and shortcomings, but it's necessity as a social media tool is undeniable. A few years ago Twitter announced that it had ended its syndication deal with Linked-In, which previously allowed people on Twitter to link their tweets with Linked-In's news stream. To this day, that's how the situation stands.

You can however bypass Twitter's shenanigans and still post to Linked-In. To do this is quite simple, yet there are many who are unaware, and wondering how to do it.

Go to IFTTT and create an account. Then simply browse the many pre-made recipes and select the recipe that posts tweets to Linked-In. It's really that simple. You do not need to know any code or copy and paste anything. The template is already there. It is popular, and widely used already by many.

Simply browse and when you find this...

click add

Then to post your tweets to Linked-In just go to your Twitter and compose a tweet and add the #in at the end, and this will send your tweet to Linke-In.

Most things don't get any simpler than that!
If at some point, your account is inactive or you don't use the #in often you may need to login to your IFTTT and turn on the recipe again, iin other words reset the recipe.

Once you've created your IFTTT account you may want to browse the many other recipes they already have and try a few others out.

Anyways, Good Luck to ya!

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