Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stream NFL Preseason WEEK 4

Stream NFL Preseason games here...

NFL 2015 Preseason
NFL Preseason Week 4 schedule:
Are you ready for some football? NFL Week 4 Preseason games are coming this Thursday, and they'll be the last games for new players to try and win a roster spot with a team. 
It will be the last time you get to see some players as teams get ready for opening day, and will have to trim their rosters.

With that in mind, you may want to consider streaming your games on your computer, especially if you have family that would rather watch other programming.
The great thing about streaming your games is that you can stream and cast them to another larger screen. If you don't want to strain your eyes and watch on a smaller computer screen.
If your computer has enough memory, you can also open different games in different windows and watch several games at once. I've tried it and it works great. I have watched 3 games at once. If that is something that appeals to you, I would recommend opening all of the games you want to see and then just choose one to listen to. Having audio played from multiple games simultaneously is nerve wracking and annoying.

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Something to keep in mind...this link not only gives you the NFL preseason games, but you can stream many other games and sporting events.

This link is by far the best...

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