Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Birdy - Beautiful Lies - Review

Birdy flew high with her debut album five years ago. She has since struggled to maintain altitude. With her third album, she is trying to establish herself as a singer/songwriter and not just a cover artist. She''s young, talented, and only 19. Her third album is being called a “coming of age” album. With that in mind I'll just say that it’s definitely an adult-oriented production that tries to mimic Adele.

Most of the songs here are slow moving ballads with dominant vocals and piano. The songs are about growing pains and survival. Birdy's warble style vocal fits the torchy slow tunes she delivers.

Birdy herself, describes the album as Japanese-themed, but this album only gets there with the cover art. "It's an album about finding the light in the dark and becoming more confident with oneself," - Birdy

The albums best tracks are “Keeping Your Head Up” and “Wild Horses.” The rest is slow going and forgettable. It would be hard to imagine someone playing this disc over and over unless they are clinically depressed.

It seems as though Birdy has flown off the pop radar landscape and is veering towards a career as a dinner club/lounge act.

This album will disappoint most, but as she is still so young maybe she'll rebound with something better next time out.

Rate this 2½

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