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Madonna's Rebel Heart - Reviewed - 5-Stars

The Queen of Pop sits atop her throne never to be ever outdone by anyone.
Her Rebel Heart from the final cut to it's amazing start is all 5-Star in your face Madonna in all her grace!

Britney, Katy and Stefani are more than two steps behind they're lost with befuddled bewilderment behind a trail of dust in jaw dropping awe savoring the latest Madonna magic to enthrall us all.

Anyone who claims that her music is lacking in intellectual depth, is just a hater in disguise. Pop music is and never has been an area of intellectual depth. It is, and always will, belong to the throngs of the young, up and coming. So, just deal with it!

Madonna endures because of her voice. Her voice has that relatable childlike quality at times, and those youthful high pitch tones of material girl Madonna that accentuate and make her songs easily identifiable and uniquely her own. It's from these highs to her more mature sultry lows, that on this new album, her full vocal range, that can be every girl or maybe even the girl next door, is beautifully displayed.

In promoting this new album, she talked openly about its development, and how the two themes seem to emerge in the process. One that reflects Madonna's defiant, rebellious side, and the other, a more confessional mood that gives us the hopeful and romantic side of Madonna.

Many of the songs begin simply, and build slowly into Electro-Dance Pop, these songs lure you in with simplicity and it's this production approach really brings out her best. This is her best album in many years and her particular attention to detail gets noticed here. Her vocal range and performances are perfect and the teams of many collaborators, musicians and producers manage to make a great album that has a real cohesive continuity.

1. Living for Love - 3:38
2. Devil Pray - 4:05
3. Ghosttown - 4:08
4. Unapologetic Bitch - 3:50
5. Illuminati - 3:43
6. Bitch I'm Madonna - 3:47
7. Hold Tight - 3:37
8. Joan of Arc - 4:01
9. Iconic - 4:33
10. HeartBreak City - 3:33
11. Body Shop - 3:39
12. Holy Water - 4:09
13. Inside Out - 4:23
14. Wash All Over Me - 4:00

Madonna wanted to make a double album, with each side representing the two main themes explored on the album, and this leads to the only thing about this that I do not like. What I really do not like with this, is the way this album is issued.

The album itself with the above 14 tracks listed, does not even include the album title track. The title track comes with the Deluxe and Super Deluxe issues along with some other tracks.

This marketing strategy is overly complicated, and in that, it also becomes somewhat distracting. Other artists are also caught in this nowadays, scheming-greedy record company, shenanigans. In many instances, these other expanded versions don't do the artist' any favors at all. Many times the extra versions consist of remixes, along with some clunkers and oddities, that would be better forgotten.

The Album Rebel Heart is great, and I rate it a full 5-Stars! The Deluxe version and the Super Deluxe versions, I think include some good tracks, but not all and I would rate these versions 4-Stars. In an all things considered scenario, with this album there are only two tracks that I don't like and they are “S.E.X” and “Queen.” Overall there are 25 songs if you get the Super Deluxe, and with that in mind it's a little-bit of over-doing it and that's why I rate it slightly lower.

I recommend getting the standard version, and pass on the other versions.

The Stand-out Tracks are “Hold Tight” - “Iconic” and “Inside Out”

For sure, it's the best new album that has come out this year!

So, do yourself a favor and get it now, and if you need another reason, other than it is the best new album of the year thus far, you go out and get it, because I said so!

Don't waste time reading on and on about it, hurry up already, and do it now!

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