Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Raving Mad Cheney Blasts Obama - 'Worst President of my Lifetime'

Former Vice President Dick Cheney blasted President Obama in a recent Playboy interview. Playboy magazine, let's face it, this isn't the ideal medium to make any significant commentary if your important in politics today. That however, did not occur to the worst Vice-President we've ever seen in our lifetime!

In an interview where he prattled on about little nothings, he also took the opportunity to blast President Obama. Saying in part, “I look at Barack Obama and I see the worst President of my lifetime, without question.”
Further, adding “I used to have significant criticism of Jimmy Carter, but compared to Barack Obama and the damage he is doing to the nation, it's a tragedy, a real tragedy, and we are going to pay a hell of a price just trying to dig out from under his presidency."
The way Obama is functioning now, he’s crippling the capacity of future presidents to deal with future crises.”

In his delusional mad ravings he also claims that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder 'play the race card' whenever they suggest that their critics may be partially driven by race.

Cheney is the sort of lunatic Republican that can occasionally generate some news coverage, usually in embarrassing outbursts. He is a very bitter and disgruntled old man who has a dangerously distorted perspective on reality.

He really ought to be grateful to President Obama and Eric Holder and should never say anything about them at all. They could have pursued charges against he and former President Bush for war crimes, but they chose to look ahead and let dead dogs lie.

I find it curious, and somewhat humorous that we often hear sensational outbursts and wild claims from former vice president Dick Cheney, while we almost never hear from other former vice-presidents.

Cheney in another interview

FYI – George W. Bush's final approval rating in January 2009 in a CBS News/NY times poll was 22% and Dick Cheney's was 13%.


  1. You cannot cite a single incident where this current president or his VP have done anything for this country besides betray it, continuously lie, documented in Obama's own words of contradictions, and set it back for no one knows how long. Dick Cheney and President Bush were lied about, harassed, blamed, and condemned by the Obama-worshiping media. Shame on you for believing the lies. Obama is the worst president ever and the truth bears that out - if you'd look at the facts. He owns the deplorable decline of race relations, the Benghazi murders, the rise of ISIS, the tanked economy and huge unemployment, the debacle of Obamacare resulting in more job losses, and debt so huge (and prescribing more in his "budget" which was only five years late) it will take some major cuts in spending which the libs can't ever agree to, and the overall decline of America. He, they, have zero defense.

  2. On the contrary, I could cite several things the present administration has done for its citizens.

    I'm happy my post inspired your comments, that was the intention of the post.

    I appreciate all comments even if I do not agree with some of them.


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