Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jack Nicklaus - 2015 - Hole In One

The Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus Roars Once More

ESPN's Scott van Pelt asked Jack Nicklaus if he had any magic left in him for the par three competition, and the 'Golden Bear' said "maybe a hole-in-one, how's that? We'll try to get one for ya."

In an odd sort of way, Jack Nicklaus predicts a 'hole in one' and then hits it during the Masters par three competition.

The legendary 'Golden Bear' thrilled the crowds, and gave us all a brief moment of magic when he aced the fourth hole during the Masters par three competition. At 75-years-young, the 18-time Major Championship winner, and six-time Masters champion, aced the fourth with a shot that arced high over the water, and then his ball, landing beyond the pin, seemed to stick for an instant before the ball began spinning back towards the hole, at first slowly then picking up a bit of speed, and then slowing again just before dropping in. As the ball dropped, the crowd roared with excitement at witnessing a bit of old form 'Golden Bear-Jack' while Golf's most celebrated Champion celebrated shaking hands, and high fiving with his playing partners.

Afterward Jack told reporters..."I never had a hole in one at Augusta." - "When I hit the shot at four, I had 123 yards or something like that, a breeze coming at us.

"I actually hit two more shots that hit right around the edge of the hole, had a chance to go in. I didn't finish up very well, but we had a lot of fun." - Jack Nicklaus, commenting on his participation in the par-3 competition.

Two other players, also aced the fourth, and altogether there were five aces recorded during the days competition, which tied the par three contest record set back in 2002.

The day for sure belonged to Jack.

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