Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lucille Ball Statue - Scary Lucy

In Lucille Ball's hometown of Celoron, the life-sized statue of the actress and comedian, bears NO resemblance to their beloved and the people there want it removed from their local park.

This hideous bronze statue in Lucille Ball Memorial Park, situated in the village of Celoron, New York, has been an eyesore for the locals and everyone else since 2009. There is absolutely NO resemblance to the legend of Hollywood! This statue is monstrous and grotesque. As a sculpture it is one of the worst depictions of a real person in the history of the world! This zombie-ghoul-like monstrosity should have never been displayed in a public park, it should be dropped in the ocean, melted down, or better yet...planted in the middle of a corn field!

The sculptor Dave Poulin wants more money to reface the statue, as he puts it. Apparently he was commissioned by Mark and Jetta Wilson privately. The first problem I can clearly identify here is, they should have never accepted this sculptor's work, on first sight, there is absolutely NO resemblance, secondly-after refusing to accept this, they should have sought out another sculptor.
After seeing this foul thing, they should have chosen another sculptor. It's not a statue, it's just a 400 lb. mass of mangled metal.

This so-called artist Dave Poulin, now has a reputation problem, and it's getting worse every day. The fact that those who hired him are unsatisfied, as well as everyone else, should have signaled a problem with the per se art and its audience.

Local Celoron Mayor Scott Schrecengost has made attempts to work with this sculptor, but this Dave Poulin wants more money!?! Something in the area of another $8,000 to $10,000. Celoron Mayor Scott Schrecengost has said, “We'd like to work with the original sculptor, and wish he would stand behind his work enough to step up and fix it for free.”

This is the mistake of being too nice, forget this so-called artist , and hire another artist, preferably someone who will stand behind their work. The many attempts to contact this sculptor of nightmares Dave Poulin has proven to be waste of time, he doesn't respond to requests any longer, perhaps he's in hiding.

Mayor Scott Schrecengost told The Post-Journal that having the statue redone to improve its appearance would be costly, considering other artist's bids, it would still be over $5,000. This small community should not work with Dave Poulin, they really need to hire someone else.

Public outrage and support are growing, and now there is even a couple of Facebook pages, that are trying to rally support, and they may have already raised enough to commission another sculptor to do another completely different statue.

More information can be found from the original story here...

Let's hope everything there works out for the best.

Update: Dave Poulin recently wrote to The Hollywood Reporter, "I take full responsibility for 'Scary Lucy,' though by no means was that my intent nor did I wish to disparage in any way the memories of the iconic Lucy image."

"From the day of its installation," Poulin says, "I have shared my disappointment in the final outcome and have always believed it to be by far my most unsettling sculpture, not befitting of Lucy’s beauty or my ability as a sculptor. Yes, in retrospect, it should have never been cast in bronze and made public, and I take complete ownership of that poor decision."

The new drama unfolding...Dave Poulin is now offering to fix it for free, and the Celoron Mayor Schrecengost says he doesn't want Poulin to retouch the statue, instead he wants a new artist to repair it.

However, it works out, at least Dave Poulin has offered his services for free and is willing to go out of his way to satisfy everyone, and that's worth mentioning and even if his Lucy was a disaster his other work is quite good.

See for yourself here

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