Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Michelle Branch Hopeless Romantic New Album Out Now!

Four months into the new year, and the new music coming out thus far has not been much to get excited about.

Well be glad you landed here on this blog page, I am going to point you in the right direction, I've found a new album by an artist many have forgotten about, and haven't heard from in many years. Michelle Branch has just released her first album in 14 years and it's called Hopeless Romantic.

The new album came together in 2015-2016 and Michelle finally signed with Verve. 

The album was just released on April 7th and it's better than anything she has ever done before. She has developed what she calls her new sound and made it more personal. Her new sound she describes as “laid back rock.”

The album's real strength is in the quality of all of these songs, they are all great. Several will become singles, that I'm sure of. It's a well crafted album with excellent production and musicianship. The vocals are as perfect as all of the songs.

If you're looking for new songs to plug into and be able to play again and again then this album is for you!

The album is so good it will be among the year's best and very likely one of the most talked about.

For more about Michelle's long absence from music follow the link provided, and read the nice piece by Alyse Whitney.

Rock On!

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