Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Original Fast And The Furious 1955 Full Movie

Forget all about Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron, Scott Eastwood, and Michelle Rodriguez...at least until the weekend!

This Fast and Furious Flick is a Roger Corman Classic production from 1955 and stars a guy with one of the coolest names ever, John Ireland. John Ireland plays Frank Webster.

After breaking out of jail, Frank Webster, who's been serving time for a murder he did not commit, is on the run. He quickly gets spotted in a little cafe and has to fight to get away. In his escape he takes hostage a young woman named Connie and her Jaguar.

She tries to escape a few times, which leads him to treat her more roughly than he wanted to, but of course they eventually fall in love. Frank plans to escape into Mexico by entering a race that crosses the border.

The plan never happens as, Connie informs the police. She wants Frank to clear his name, and in the end he finally agrees.

It's a pretty straightforward Roger Corman film from long ago. It is interesting to watch and this film is where the new franchise takes its initial inspiration from. Today's movies rely more on special effects and stunts, but the old classics live on. They have more character and seem to be more real and genuine.

This was a B-Movie that did well and has an excellent cast and direction.

For those of you who love the old classics check it out on YouTube.

In the final closing moments of the film Frank's best line was, 
“It isn't what you are that counts...it's what you get taken for.” - Frank Webster

Check it out

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  1. I love classics and i love fast &furious. Definitely have to watch this!


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