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Box, Copy, or Dropbox - Online Cloud Storage

Box, Copy, or Dropbox - Online Cloud Storage

Which is better?

Let's start with the best choice first...Copy offers you 15GB of storage with their Free Plan, the same amount offered from Google Drive and OneDrive. Box offers you 10 GB with their Free Plan, while Dropbox only offers you 2GB with their Free Plan.

I don't think it's going to take you very long now to figure this out, unless you're a (Kanye West-Jackass) fool!

Copy's cloud storage system and Box's are both better than Dropbox' in that it splits the shared folders space with the people you share a folder with, in equal amounts. So, if you have a 10GB folder shared between 5 people, that folder only takes up 2GB of space in each person's Copy account. It also kicks Dropbox' ass in speed!
Box is also a good choice, but they aren't as fast as Copy and they impose a ridiculously low file size limit of 250MB. That will be a problem for some.
Of the three I can assure you, because I have installed and tested all three with the same files, is that Copy is by far, the best choice. Box is your next best choice, although a little slower it should be your second option, and Dropbox is the worst! Get rid of it!
The worst thing about Dropbox is their desktop syncing app, it just sucks the life out of your system resources more than the other two. Their app is better uninstalled / deleted and just forgotten. They are now the biggest losers.
A few years ago Dropbox was the most popular and widely used, but in the time since they've become useless.
Copy and Box are both better.
As more and more transition to the cloud for file storage, these apps may help you. All three have smartphone apps and desktop software. You can also manage your files from your web browser, instead of installing desktop software.
All three offer paid and business plans. Here again, Copy has a referral program where you can get an additional 5GB of free storage when you get someone else to sign up, but only to the limit of 25GB. So, if you really wanted the extra free space, you'll only need to get two others to sign up. Box, on the other hand does not have a referral program.
Most of us already have online cloud storage space with the email account we use. Google Drive and OneDrive both give us 15 GB of storage space. This limited amount of free space is why these other companies exist. My best suggestion is to get both Copy and Box, and use them both as supplementary storage. The phone apps are very easy to use.
Snap a photo, click share and select Copy or Box to upload your file and keep your phone from getting bogged down with files.
Use both apps, as supplementary storage space, but I would not use or install the desktop software. It really isn't needed. Those apps are for local hard drive and syncing file management. They all use too much of your system's resources. Just use their web services through your browser and their phone apps.
The other nice thing about doing this is, if your phone died or was lost or stolen your files will be in the cloud. You can then access them from your web browser and do whatever you like.
In summary, I suggest that you sign-up and get both Copy and Box. Then, just as a friendly reminder, uninstall Dropbox if you have it. Just get rid of it!

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