Saturday, February 7, 2015

Marshawn Lynch - Top 10 Answers to Any Question Asked

Marshawn Lynch - Top 10 Answers to Any Question Asked

  1. “I'm just 'bout that action boss”

  1. Yeah”
  2. Thanks for asking”
  3. I'm just here so I won't get fined”
  4. I'm Thankful”
  5. Maybe”
  6. Nope”
  7. I appreciate it”
  8. I don't know”
  9. I'm here and I'm available for y'all” …
    and now I talked and all of my requirements are filled”
  • Bonus - “I'm all 'bout that Flo boss”

Y'all can go and make up whatever ya gonna make up” - Marshawn Lynch
For any and all other questions, just insert one of the above responses where it may appropriately fit.

Anyone could literally have a field day with this. Not only has Marshawn Lynch provided all of the answers to anything you may ever be curious about , but he has also given you the green light to write about it in any manner you wish. These comments have all been featured on (SC) Sports Center and have probably also found their way on to YouTube.

I'm only surprised that Saturday Night Live hasn't done a Marshawn Lynch skit yet, there is definitely a comedic angle to all of this that would be very entertaining.

In defense of Marshawn Lynch, I think it's a violation of his rights, by the NFL, to have to be available for questioning to the scumbag media. It should be optional. It's a violation of his privacy. The amounts he's been fined are also outrageous. It's just typical of today's (go to hell Goodell) NFL.

In support of Marshawn Lynch's true interests check out these links below.

There are some you love to hate and some you hate to love, while others are somewhere in-between and maybe not at all on our radarscope of interest, no matter what, @moneylynch is a good guy and a better role model than many other NFL players.

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