Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Beware of Juice Jackers

The term, “juice-jacking” was just a scare phrase used to get everyone excited. It is a phrase that means your personal data, via smartphone, laptop or tablet can be stolen.

The theory supposed … if you plug your mobile device into a random power charging station using your USB cable, your personal data is vulnerable to hackers and even... oh yea-big brother!

The whole sensation with regard to “juice-jacking” is old news. It was a much talked about thing after it was proven at a hacker convention. Since then it's mostly a forgotten moment, except for a few who are trying to make a profit out of someone else's paranoia.

So, it should not surprise you to see worthless, waste of money products to protect you from “juice-jacking” hackers from hell!

If you still have your mind set on throwing away some cash on this old craze, you should be able to find yourself the “USB Condom” or the “Juice-Jack Defender.”

From what I've read about these two products, they work as advertised. I am not going to review them, because even if they work as advertised, they are still a waste of time and money.

If you are really concerned about this, then spend your money on a USB Cable/Adapter that is charge only. You can find cheaper ones for under $10. on Amazon or you could make your own by following the instructions in the linked videos.

I wouldn't trust buying used USB cables from eBay and all of the retailers will be charging much more than what these things are worth. The better purpose of these products isn't from preventing “juice-Jacking” but to provide faster charging.

The lesson to be learned here is...don't charge your devices with a USB in a strange place! Charge your device to a real power-outlet and not some kiosk!

Now try to see if you can recall of anyone who has lost data from such an act as “juice-jacking” and when you realize that you can't, then maybe you will be able to cross that one off of your worry list.

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