Friday, March 10, 2017

Another Beatles Hoax - 1958 Liverpool Police Film Believed to Feature Earliest Glimpse of The Beatles

This misleading Billboard headline and subsequent article claims to show The Beatles’ John Lennon and Paul McCartney, along with Paul’s brother Michael, on a rooftop watching the annual Police Horse and Dog Show.

The film is actually a Liverpool police recruitment film from 1958. Michael McCartney says…  “Wow! That could definitely be us.” He went on to say “It was a really big occasion in Liverpool and that’s what we used to do every summer –- take deck chairs and climb onto the concrete shed and watch a free show. And I think there is every chance John would have been there that year – absolutely. His friend, Pete Shotton, was a police cadet. And George could easily have been there, too. It’s bloody mad – absolutely fascinating and unbelievable!”

The complete film runs 41:38 long and is on YouTube. The glimpse of the Beatles comes at 34:33 in the film. The article claims that the footage shows Paul McCartney, along with his brother Michael, and Lennon on a rooftop at their home at 20 Forthlin Road. This brief glimpse may or may not be them, it’s at too far of a distance, and it is a glimpse of only two seconds. This maybe them, but I doubt it. The film also shows the three on a rooftop beginning at 31:52 through 32:05. I just don’t think that these three can be John, Paul and Michael. These boys are much younger than they should have been in 1958. It’s obvious to me that these three young boys are just other persons unknown. Maybe with a bit of publicity on this film, one of them may come forward.

Lastly, I go right back to what Michael McCartney did say...and that was 'That could definitely be us.' You see, he doesn't come right out and say it's them, because most likely it's not. He realizes that someone else might step forward and claim to be these young boys and one would think for sure that if you have good enough memories of these shows, you'd also definitely be able to recall being stopped and questioned on the rooftop. These things lead me to believe that this is just another of those Beatles hoax's that will never be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

See for yourself, and leave a comment with your opinion.

The video in question is at this link

Source: The original article by Steve Marinucci was posted 3/9/2017 at the link below

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