Thursday, June 29, 2017

Arkansas’ New Ten Commandments Monument Destroyed in Less Than 24 Hours!

The 10 Commandments. The Lord's Law. Not since Moses' introduction and initial presentation of of these precious 15 Commandments has anyone broken so many of them at the same time. Moses' faux pas simply made life easier for all of us sinners. Instead of 15, we ended up with 10.

In the years since, many curious minded folks out there, have wondered about the consequences of breaking the commandments, and even what might happen if one were guilty of breaking multiple commandments at the same time. Shutter to think such obscenities, right? Still, many have wondered, until now.

You've probably already heard, but on the morning of Tuesday the 27th in the year of our Lord 2017 a monument of the Ten Commandments was set upon the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol.

A sight to behold.

Mercifully the unthinkable occurred, and on the following Wednesday morning just less than 24 hours of the unveiling of the obnoxious eyesore it was felled by Michael Tate Reed. A man who now must obviously hold the dubious record of breaking the most commandments at the same time.

Now we have a villain who has actually done what no one has ever done before, someone actually broke all 10 commandments at the same time.

The only thing the public wants to know now is what will the penalty be for this ultimate sin?

Why does the public clamor for such news, because sinners will now surely use his case as a way to minimize their own penalties should Michael Tate Reed be given leniency, can you imagine the mayhem that might soon grip the nation?

The ACLU was planning a lawsuit to remove the display, but I don't think that's quite necessary now.

Keep On Truckin'

* FYI – The monument was privately funded.

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  1. I didn't look too closely into this story back when it was announced, but definitely some surprises.

    I didn't realize it was on State property, nor that it was privately funded, nor that it was only that here for a day.

    It's hard to find support for either side since I don't believe a religious icon should be present on a state local but it's also messed up to destroy private property. So...


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