Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Chuck Berry's New Album Chuck - Reviewed

The spectacular new album “Chuck” is filled with familiar and memorable guitar play and features reworked classics with new lyrics "Lady B. Goode" is a sequel to "Johnny B. Goode," and "Jamaica Moon" is a rewrite of "Havana Moon." The first single is “Big Boys.” It's his first new album in 38 years, and it's a classic already.

It's a Berry record all through and there's no over produced garbage in this set. It's a refreshing new album that has that classic throwback feel. What's more it's a family affair and the overall impression I get is that this was a fun project. It has the fun feel to it and that along with his touring band, appearances from Tom Morello and Gary Clark Jr. and three generations of Berrys – Chuck, his son Charles Berry Jr., and grandson Charles Berry III, along with his daughter Ingrid make this an album to get for sure.

The album is lyrically reflective and is dedicated to Themetta "Toddy" Berry, his wife of 68 years. He sings about her in a few songs, while the gospel-tinged “Darlin” is for his daughter Ingrid. Some of the songs date back to the eighties and nineties, he's worked on this album off and on for many years, never was he in a hurry as he put performances and touring as his top priority. Still, he tinkered away here and there until he had a complete album.

Chuck is scheduled for release on Friday, June 16th, but you can stream it first with the link below.

Although not a single, the song Dutchman is the best new song on this album.
Check it out!

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CHUCK - Track List
1. Wonderful Woman
2. Big Boys
3. You Go To My Head
4. 3/4 Time (Enchiladas)
5. Darlin'
6. Lady B. Goode
7. She Still Loves You
8. Jamaica Moon
9. Dutchman
10. Eyes Of Man

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