Friday, June 16, 2017

Beth Ditto - Fake Sugar - News - Now Streaming on NPR

For most of us Beth Ditto is relatively unknown. For years she was part of the band called The Gossip. They released their final album in 2012, A Joyful Noise. Prior to leaving the band Beth Ditto released a solo self-titled EP in 2011.

Since then, she has only made guest appearances. On others recordings and has occupied herself with promoting her own clothing line, and has also been involved with cosmetics and jewelry. Aside from her many interests, you can learn a bit more from her memoir that you can easily find on Amazon “Coal to Diamonds: A Memoir.”

Beth Ditto's first full-length Album as a solo artist, is out now.
Beth said she spent two years writing the tracks, and that should give you an indication of the quality she was striving for. On this new album, Fake Sugar she gets there! It is solid start to finish!

Her new album may be the biggest surprise of the year because of how good it is. For sure this is the new direction of pop-rock and the songs here are extremely infectious. Beth is a powerhouse vocalist that impresses everyone. Her talent cannot be denied and her music is great!

Check it out before you buy it at the following NPR link.

Beth Ditto - Fake Sugar - Track List

1. "Fire"
2. "In And Out"
3. "Fake Sugar"
4. "Savoire Faire"
5. "We Could Run"
6. "Oo La La"
7. "Go Baby Go"
8. "Oh My God"
9. "Love In Real Life"
10. "Do You Want Me To"
11. "Lover"
12. "Clouds"

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