Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Chinese Desktop OS - October 2014

China, growing and ever confident believes that they can smoothly transition from their foreign dependence with Operating System software. Trying to separate themselves from the widely popular and solidly entrenched favorites, they have banned Apple and Microsoft from government use.

While some will say there is concern that Windows 8 PCs might be vulnerable to US surveillance and may even suggest the same about iOS, the truth is that the Chinese want to stand on their own. Use their own domestic produced products and break the costly, nagging dependence that they have for years endured.

In typical Chinese fashion, when Microsoft ended support for Windows XP and left millions of users in China vulnerable. They responded by banning Microsoft from all Government use.

The Chinese Academy of Engineering has disclosed plans to release a new operating system for PCs as early as October. The new OS should not be confused with COS. In January 2014, COS was debuted. The COS Core operating system is based on the Linux kernel. It also supports HTML5 based applications and Java based applications, but it's hardly ready for prime time and not exactly much of a competitive threat and this OS is strictly intended for mobile use. In its earliest form it still is not as safe as the offerings from the major software developers and will not inspire many to switch over voluntarily.

Ni Guangnan, from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told the Xinhua news agency that a Chinese-backed operating system should be ready to launch in October of this year. It will be a Linux-ubuntu based variant and the OS will also have an app store. This OS is more specifically designed for desktop use.

According to Ni Guangnan, it's possible that all "foreign" operating systems—for lack of a better way to phrase it—could be eliminated in China. Chinese Officials have expressed concerns over their "serious ... dependence" on Android in the country.

"Creating an environment that allows us to compete with Google, Apple and Microsoft, that is our key to success," - Ni Guangnan

So far to date, little else of the details are known. It may be a continuation, further developed version of their Kylin or it may be another project. October is at hand and, to date, it remains to be seen.

It's no secret that Chinese Officials HATE everything Google and has and will use that hatred as motivation to develop alternatives for themselves and when they achieve their desired goals, they'll simply ban and block Android and anything else that they can.

So, Andy the Android's days are numbered in China!

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