Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Google vs Amazon The Epic App Store Battle

The Great Battle between Google and Amazon rages on. At stake is the ever so coveted darling known as market share and there is not much fight going on here as one giant looms large over the other who is desperately chasing and playing catch up. It's the new users of gadgets that can be enticed and that's whats going on here.

These days we all have a cell phone/smartphone, Kindle, tablet or some sort of mobile device that we take everywhere we go. They make life simpler offering us choices that give us convenience and mobile freedom with all the applications that are accessible, often also free of charge. It is today's most necessary accessory. They are the ultimate all in one devices with which we can communicate, entertain, shop and work from. There are more things we can do with these devices than the battery power allows us.

After acquiring your little dream machine mobile device where does one go?
Google Play or The Amazon App-store

If you want to use Amazon's App-store you will need to download and install it it first. This is a minor inconvenience for some. The App-store likewise has less to offer for you to download. On the other hand, they do offer a Free App every day. Be warned here as these Freebies are usually only Free for a day and then you're asked to pay. These Apps never seem to be anything anyone really wants and I suspect they are just being promoted. That being said, their App-store has an easy user interface that makes searching for Apps easy to do. The Amazon App-store allows multiple downloads, but so does Google Play, so if you have a Kindle Fire and the App-store, all the apps that you download on it can be downloaded onto your smartphone also, even the apps that you paid for. Unfortunately if for some reason you need to change who the device is registered to you will lose everything you have downloaded, everything free and purchased.

On the other hand Google Play is installed/integrated automatically on most android gadgets. Making it easier whether by inclination or accommodation, more of us will wind up utilizing it for their App's. Their extensive catalog gives users more than anyone could ever use and sometimes you find yourself scrolling through an endless collection of things not needed in the quest for something new and useful.

Google Play and Amazon App-store both function similarly, in any case everything relies on upon what you need. Google Play has been accessible in the US much longer and it offers us the things that we have to use regularly.

Google Play likewise permits you to buy and download everything from games, music to motion pictures and books all in their one-stop App shop which is more convenient than having to download and install multiple Amazon Apps to do the same thing. Google Play also gives you multiple downloads.

Ultimately in deciding whether to use either the Amazon App-store or Google Play Store be reminded that, Google Play offers an ease of use that Amazon does not. It's better organized and categorized so you will not need additional Apps. Then again, the free App a day that Amazon offers might be enough to entice you into using both. Nevertheless neither App-store is perfect. I think both have their flaws and both can be improved, but since Google is so prominent, they win hands down on the general scale when individuals are asked which they prefer. More importantly in deciding between the two is what type of device is it for, if it's for Amazon's Kindle or Fire phone then their own App-store will of course be more convenient. Any Android phone, tablet or even your trusty old chisel and stone PC then of course you'll like it or not gravitate towards the almighty Google and their Google Play App-store.

In this epic battle of two Titans of e-commerce here Google slays and lays waste to the little nuisance known as Amazon.

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