Sunday, September 7, 2014

Watch NFL Games for Free

The Football season is here and on any given Sunday in the United States, the NFL Pro Football is the most popular sport of all. Unfortunately watching games on television is not always an option for many people these days. If you're such a fan that you just can't live without your beloved NFL Football, you have three options to choose from. One, go visit someone who has cable and plans to watch NFL games also, this one might be OK once or twice, but overdoing it here will let your friends know what your true intentions are. The second option and the one that is probably the most popular is, dropping by your local pub. The third option is to stream it on your PC, Phone or tablet and the following information may help you do just that.

Maybe you remember the old days, when games were broadcast on television through local channels and you would just sit back and tune-in to watch. You know, the old days where your television was connected to a towering antenna on top of your house. Those O-T-A (on the air) channels are still there and they broadcast live regular games. They are a great option and they're free, but you don't  get to choose the teams to watch. Fox also has one, but I think you need to get an App first through the Google Play store. Instead, I recommend that you try these two first. Keeping in mind that the FCC's blackout rules are still in effect. This of course means if your local team doesn't sell-out or meet some ticket minimum within 72 hours of kick-off, the game won't be available or broadcast and another game will fill this spot.

So, while it's true many games are available from CBS, NBC and Fox, even the traditional Thanksgiving Thursday night game will air on NBC, there are still other options to consider and worth trying out. The sites listed below give you more options to choose from.

The main objective here is to show you how and where to get NFL Football streams for FREE. These ways are known to work, but the quality and speed may vary from game to game and week to week. If all else fails try looking on the forum sites like Black Hat or even twitter. While games are going on, links often get posted and or changed.

Your best option for quality and convenience is just to subscribe to some NFL package, but that gets quite expensive and often is not an option for some. 

Call it a Bonus, but the above links also broadcast NCAA Football and other sports as well.

I hope this helps you out and makes all your Sundays a little more enjoyable.

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