Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hypnotic Eye - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Review

Most of the 70's rockers have already passed their prime, and many aren't even around anymore. Only a few remain and even fewer of them make new music. Most are now just touring nostalgia acts, having given up, because they're not chart toppers any longer, but not Tom Petty.
Usually when artists produce their own work, the results are disappointing, but not here. Tom petty and his cohorts spent parts of three years in crafting this classic slice of Americana. The arrangements and musicianship are top notch.

Hypnotic Eye” is the best Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album in years. It's a must have for anyone yearning for good 'ol rock, in an era of multi-genre, multi-collaborative messes that aim to sell and don't have anything to offer or even worse anything relevant to say.

The cover design, reminiscent of the 60's era is the captivating perfect touch.

Petty and The Heartbreakers — guitarist Mike Campbell, keyboards Benmont Tench, bassist Ron Blair, guitarist/keyboards Scott Thurston and drummer Steve Ferrone — deliver! There's no over the top attempt to create anthems of angst here, just straight-basic rock and that's befitting of a group of many years with tremendous chemistry.

These songs resonate and show us that Tom Petty that still has a lot to say and doesn't care about the so-called establishment. Five of the eleven new tracks are singles and that should tell you loud and clear that this album not only rocks, but it's loaded with great songs. Of the remaining songs in particular, "Burnt Out Town" and "Shadow People" are among my favorites.

Lyrically, Petty is in top form. His songs feature a cast of characters that really connects with our emotions. Here he shows us that it's still OK to be pissed off and to dream without having to conform to a more adult contemporary mature musings. He and his partners in rhyme show that they are happy to push onward whether there is any fanfare or not. Ironically or not this 'don't care what happens, gonna do what I want approach' landed this album at the top of the charts.

Without rambling on too much here, I give it a top 5-star rating and suggest you get it for yourself and rock on!

Hypnotic Eye - Singles

  1. "American Dream Plan B"

  2. "Red River"

  3. "U Get Me High"

  4. "Forgotten Man"

  5. "Fault Lines"

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