Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Exposed - Sexual Assault?

The latest in celebrity drama and scandal is all the fuss surrounding Jennifer Lawrence. Hackers have stolen her privately posted material from various personal accounts and published her nude and semi-nude photos online.

It's not the first time this has happened, it's just the latest. Of course this is racy, taboo and outrage is expressed everywhere. If you Google search for the images you'll be surprised. The many photos posted sounds off my alarm bell and I begin wondering what all the photos were for. For others? They were posted in her accounts on the internet. Why? What for and for whom? These are questions that aren't being asked. Yet the outrage is rampant. It is also wrong to presume someone is being degraded when they pose nude. I seriously doubt Jennifer Lawrence was degraded in any way, only embarrassed to be exposed.

Whether the images in question come from various accounts or from a single account it might help in determining who the culprit/hacker is.

Somethings to consider for anyone interested. Use Two-factor authentication wherever available, use longer passwords with Upper and Lower case including numerals. Never use anything predictable and NEVER share your passwords with anyone!

The fact that these things happen so often and to so many just goes to show how careless people are with their personal security.

Security breeches are usually the fault of the individual and their carelessness. It is irrational to cry foul when your privacy is exposed or violated when your password is lame and guessable.

Something else to consider...if you don't want nude photos of yourself circulating all over the world on the internet, then don't pose for such photos, let alone post them.

Whenever juicy scandal makes the news you'll no doubt be overwhelmed by the media attention and all crazy outbursts seem to rise above any sensible rationale. Case in point here, many out there equate with their old fashioned hypocritical Puritan perspectives that viewing her nude photos is perpetrating sexual assault and even suggesting that such actions be criminalized. In my opinion that's going too far. It's insane to suggest anything of the sort, perhaps it's just the heat of the moment and nothing more, anything other than that would be misguided judgment that might do well with some therapy.

Update - It appears an anonymous poster on the 4chan website where some of the photos have been posted, referred to an "underground celeb n00d-trading ring" that “has existed for years”. So, it's very possible this was a targeted attack by a group.

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