Friday, September 26, 2014

Ello Explodes in Popularity – New Social Network

Ello Explodes in Popularity – New Social Network

I don't know why you say goodbye, I say Ello...Ello-Ello

Ello is the newest Ad-Free Social Network on the scene and has exploded in popularity. New users get in by invite only. Ello does not sell Ads. Nor do they sell Data about YOU to third parties. You are not the product!- is the company's mantra. They plan to stay Ad Free by selling extra features to users. What those features might be is still not known.

They do collect and save information about you to learn more about how you use the site and with this information they hope to make improvements. The information is collected to improve their services and will never be revealed or sold for profit. But, you also have the option to opt out of the aforementioned information sharing, unlike any other Social Network.

This new Social Network that everyone is trying to get on was created by Paul Budnitz, Berger & Föhr, and Mode Set. Initially it was intended to be a small private Social Network, but the overwhelming response led them to make the site public.

The creators say that the recent Facebook changes and policies were what motivated them to create Ello, an alternative. Facebook does not allow users with an alias, it's their way of cutting out spam accounts. That problem will persist regardless of policy. They are also known to manipulate users' news feed and of course they thrive from advertising. Essentially they (Ello) are making their mark and distinguishing themselves as the 'Anti-Facebook' new alternative. Anonymity in Social Networking is not always bad, some people need to hide their identity for reason of self-expressions or safety and in this regard Facebook is not user friendly.

When a network is run for advertisers, the advertiser is really the customer,” - “That really goes against what a social network is. When you’re putting up artwork, or something you wrote or created, and there’s an ad for underwear, it conflicts in a violating way.” - Paul Budnitz

Artists, bloggers, people who are concerned about privacy, people who have had problems with stalkers, celebrities, and members of the LGBT community sometimes choose not to use their real names — out of personal preference, or to protect themselves,” - “All these people are being kicked out of Facebook.” - Paul Budnitz

Ello doesn’t mine or sell data or have ads, so we invite people to be who they want to be on Ello” - “There is no reason for us to require people to use real names.” - Paul Budnitz

If you are looking for a new creative outlet for self expression and want to join, just visit their site and request an invite.

Update: Some are finding and buying invites on ebay. ( I do not recommend this )

Update: Ello says they will remain ad-free and porn friendly!

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