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Top 10 Things To Know About YouTube

YouTube one of the most popular and most visited websites in the world offers you more than you may be aware of. It's not just a site with random short video clips that are of no interest to you. It has become the default go-to site for many. If it's cartoons, movies or music videos, this is the site to check first. The site is simple in its layout and really sophisticated in what it does. There are some really amazing features built in that you may not be aware of.

Continue reading for a just the basic rundown of the top 10 things you should know about YouTube. In the search field type something of interest. You will then be presented with choices to select and view. Maybe you don't want to watch something now, just hover over with your cursor and select watch later. After watching content YouTube will show you recommendations and suggestions based on your viewing. This I have found to be very welcome as I have discovered many new things.

In your search you may find many short video clips, rather than watching one and then going back to start again and watch another, you can add any number of clips to a playlist where you can view several similar videos. For example, you may want to create a collection of U.F.O. videos and watch them together or maybe even a collection of cartoons. There are many videos already organized in playlists from other YouTube users, you can simply subscribe to their channel and their playlists.

If it's movies you like, just search a particular genre and see what happens. The results will amaze and you may find it overwhelming. Their is content from all over the world, you only need to improve your searching ability to bypass the vast amount of junk and trailers.

Do the videos have closed caption and subtitles, you may wonder? Many do, but not all. If the video does you will see the (cc) at the bottom right of the video playing. Clicking there pops up a window where you can select from the available languages.

The captions and subtitles icon will look like this:

If you have a hard time keeping up with the subtitles you can also view the transcript by finding this on the left side of your screen and click ...More and then click Transcript.

At your account settings page you will be able to set your viewing defaults and make your viewing easier. Go to your own personal link at...
What else can you do with YouTube? Of course you can create and upload your own videos and photos. Yes photos can be added to video through their creator tools. Upload a video clip and you'll be inside their video creating and editing portal. You can also edit and annotate your videos. The annotate feature allows you to create text bubbles or call outs and in these can be added links. Through this portal you can even have YouTube create subtitles for your videos. There are filters and effects that can be applied and free music you can add. It's an all in one online cloud movie maker. An important thing to remember is that you can use Google's YouTube online video editing portal to make anything you want and most importantly, you can make your creations private, so they can't be searched or viewed by others if that is your choice.

If you would prefer to watch your video on TV then go back to your own personal link at...

If your TV is newer it has Apps built in and all you need to do is open the YouTube App and connect a new TV following the steps above. Open the App and connect by entering the number generated by your TV App and if your TV is older you can still accomplish the same thing simply by casting your video via the Chromecast dongle. It's an excellent, inexpensive attachment well worth buying.
For those who invest the time and develop their own Brand/Channel they can stream live events, monetize and even get paid subscriptions to their channels as long as they are in good verified standing and have original advertiser friendly content with over 1000 subscribers. You'll need to be more involved with the service than the average casual user to take advantage of these benefits. These features are already known by content developers and it's why you may notice others asking for you to like their content and or subscribe to their channels.

YouTube usually displays your video in what it determines your streaming quality can handle. If you notice constant stoppage and buffering I would then recommend changing to a lower quality setting from your Gear Icon under your video on the right side of your screen. If it's in a higher rate or HD you can improve playback by choosing a lower video quality, for example change 480p to 360p.

Check your video streaming quality at

Tips to improve your viewing:
Make sure your browser is the most current version.
Refresh your browser.
Close all other open tabs.

Most visitors on YouTube are of the casual nature and really are not aware of what they can do or find there. If you have the time to explore I would highly recommend using this site as a real alternative to regular program TV.

The top 10 things to know are...
  1. Playlists
  2. Watch Later
  3. YouTube Recommendations based on previous viewing.
  4. You can block ads with browser extensions. ( AdBlock – AdBlock Plus )
  5. CC & Subtitles & Transcripts – On some, but not all video content
  6. Connect your TV via built in App, on newer TV sets
  7. Chromecast
  8. Download YouTube Video – Yes, with additional software. Copy & Paste the URL when you click share. Paste the link into a video downloader.
  9. Convert music videos to audio files – Yes, at
  10. Unlimited uploads after you verify the account. Unlimited number and length of videos can be uploaded.

For further and more detailed help just click the link below...

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