Friday, September 26, 2014

Male Birth Control - RISUG or Vasalgel – Bring it On!

 Male Birth Control -  RISUG or Vasalgel – Bring it On!

No Vasectomy
It's been said over and over again 'It's A Man's World' and although the phrase can invoke heated emotions and debates that are much ado about nada. The fact remains that as far as male contraception, there are but a few choices. We can use condoms, withdraw / pull out-during intercourse or get a vasectomy. That's it! We're not even going to consider castration. Women on the other hand have Depo-Provera, the PILL and can opt for tubal ligation etc. After a century of scientific discovery and achievement, not to mention all of the innovations and advanced technology, abundant today, the MEN of this world are still disadvantaged to women on at least one point. We don't have a PILL! There are other research and developments taking place with a new procedure called RISUG or Vasalgel. This is an injectable form of birth control/contraception and it is still being tested. The procedure involves a small incision and then the injection. This injection is a clear gel made of 60 mg of copolymer styrene/maleic anhydride (SMA) with 120 Microliters of the solvent dimethyl sulfoxide. OK, forget that techy malarkey and just know this.
Please Be Gentle
1. It's effective: Injection/Procedure – Good for 10 yrs. 2. It's also reversible with another injection 3. It's convenient and is an Outpatient procedure 4. No side effects 5. Total cost of injection and
the procedure is less than the administering Dr.'s fee. There are other male contraceptive research and developments taking place, but the RISUG or Vasalgel looks the most promising. With that said, it's still not a PILL and I wonder if science can develop the pill for women why can't they do the same for men?

Sedate me - Don't wanna see
I am certain that when newer alternative birth-control options are made available for men, these changes will raise awareness will motivate them to learn more. More options are always better. If you surveyed men on contraception/birth control most 'still want the pill' but the RISUG-Vasalgel is a better alternative option than what we have today.

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